Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Healthier Eco-Friendly Life

I am so excited to bring to an exciting informational way to go green in your homes - while helping others. I want to help people - both health wise and financially, if they want.

It has been my passion for over 10 years to tell everyone what I know about cleaning products in your home and the unbelievable health products that will not only make you feel better but to truely bring to you a wealth of health!

With that said - I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions. If you walk down the isle of any of your local stores and you smell the cleaning products that are in a sealed container AND have a lid on it why is it so strong? Why does it give me headache or make me sneaze? I want to answer it by saying - IT HAS BAD CHEMICALS IN IT!

That is the truth. I will keep you posted and send links through out my blogging, but if you would like to know more on how to save money and get rid of the chemicals in your home - send me an email, I would love to tell you more!

Take care,