Saturday, February 9, 2013

So if someone would have told me that my 40's would be so great I would think they were crazy!  You hear how getting older gets better.  Well there is truth to that.  But it didn't start out like that.
Have you been business professionals and were affected by the recession?  The economy?  Possible foreclosureof your home?  How about your car repossessed?  How about own or start a business and all of a sudden found you couldn't draw a salary from that?  We actually answer yes to all of that!  The last 5 years have been the scariest of all.
I was a dental consultant.  I traveled across the US helping dentists and their staff.  I was very fortunante.  As our family grew travel became difficult.  I stayed local but even then daycare was expensive.  I actually have 5 kids ranging 22-7 but rounding out the pack is a set of twins.  So needless to say travel was not an option.

Back in 2008 my husband and I partnered with my sister and husband and took out a small business loan and opened a green dry cleaner.  One year later the recession hit.  Three years in to it I had to change careers while we were holding on at the cleaners.  WOW that was scary.  I was really looking to do something that would allow me to work out of my home office, take care of my kids and still work three days a week at the cleaners.  And thank goodness I did.

I think finding something that wasn't normal was hard to grasp.  What some might think a step down incareer choices.  Where some might think to be "one of those" things.  I hadn't done anything like this and so glad I took a chance.  I now am approaching that executive income that business professionals get while working from my home office. I think the good part is I really get to help others do the same.  By the way our cleaners is doing awesome.  I must say taking charge of our income situation was worth it.

We all come from all walks of life.  From stay at home moms, to business professionals, to the baby boomers looking to retire we all found ourselves in a great situation to bring in primary or additional income.

Having a green dry cleaner and working with a health and wellness company that specializes and helping others go green and take charge of their health through vitamins and supplements has been a great match for my future. There is so much market demand for what I get do share. After all those of us that are looking to shop safer, healthier while saving money is a huge benefit!

I  look forward to sharing with all of you tips for the future and helping you to find that balance.  Come and check out my website. We are offering free webinars!  
Here's to the future.

Alicia Perez

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Windows Live Hotmail

Hello Friends - this is a continuing of the last blog - I sure am learning! LOL

"BPA - Bisphenol A
What it does: BPA is a building block of a lightweight, clear, heat-resistant and almost unbreakable plastic called polycarbonate. It's also used in epoxy resins.
Where it's found: Water bottles, baby bottles, reusable food containers, plastic tableware, infant feeding cups, linings of infant formula cans and other cans, jar lids, CDs, electrical and electronic equipment, dental sealants.

How we're exposed: Eating food or drinking liquids stored in containers containing BPA. Infants and small children may also be exposed from hand to mouth contact with materials containing BPA. BPA also migrates from dental sealants into patients' mouths. Fetuses are exposed in the womb by their mothers. Almost everyone has been exposed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found BPA in the urine of 93 percent of the people it tested.
Special Report: Toxic America

Health effects: The American Chemistry Council, an industry trade group, says exposure is so low there are no ill health effects. A new five-year Kaiser Permanente study of Chinese factory workers found higher BPA exposure linked to reduced male sexual function. This research joins a growing body of research on animals that suggests BPA poses a potential cancer risk and may mimic the female hormone estrogen and disrupt the extremely sensitive chemical signals in the body called the endocrine system. According to the Food and Drug Administration, these studies suggest BPA could affect 'the brain, behavior and prostate gland in fetuses, infants and young children.'

Regulation: BPA is an Environmental Protection Agency 'chemical of concern,' one of five substances the agency has targeted for increased scrutiny and potential new regulation. (The others are phthalates, short-chain chlorinated paraffins, PBDEs, and perfluorinated chemicals in"

For more information - follow this link!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Toxins in our homes

Hello Friends!

I am so excited that you can see it more and more on the news that they are covering things that we can actually change. Something that we can do more for our familes.

If you have missed it, on CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is doing some awesome reporting and is really taking a look at how we can make our homes safer. How we can protect our babies in the womb and giving some great suggestions on easy, free things you can do to get your home to be your safe zone. Do you know that the EPA has a report that women who work at home have a 55% greater chance of getting cancer then women who work outside the home? The primary suspect: Household Chemicals! They also report that the air quaility in our home is 3-5 times greater then outside our home. WOW!

Every day I am going to take excerpts from these articles and other articles to make sure you have all the facts to make a good informed decision.

By the way, we don't only care about your toxic wellness, we care about your health wellness and your financial wellness. So lets help each other and get the word out!

5 toxics that are everywhere - as reported on CNN
Each day I will share ONE with you -

Continued on 2nd posting.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Green Revolution

So this is the thing. I have decided that I am 1 voice that maybe I can make a difference. And what I had decided that it is ok to be passionate about something and talk about it! So that is what I am going to do! I am going to provide resources and ideas on how to go green. I am also going to have links to my resources so everyone can check out what I am talking about.

It is a Green Revolution! I know you all of heard of by now the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Well why can't we have a Green Revolution? It is so important that we get the house hold chemicals/cleaners out of our homes and our schools. We know what the effects are - so why do we do it?

So as we go through the next several days you will see me post ideas on making bug spray, killing ants and so many other suggestions!

I look forward to some great conversations!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As I am learning how to blog and tie all my ideas, passions and friends together - I feel lost in technology overload. But how powerful is it to share through these avenues!

I have learned about children, families that are hers, mine and ours. Safer things to do with the kids, for our homes and just for fun! How in heck do we tie all this together.

Well as I learn, I will share those ideas and have this be a resource that we can use to find legitamite careers from home, how to shop greener and how to live a healthier life.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

So the holiday season is now upon us. And I think as parents we want the best for our children. I was shopping yesterday and wondering - how much do we get our children? When is it too much? How does this transcribe to our children? What is the purpose, really, of giving gifts to our children?

When my oldest, who is 19 was little I did everything I could to make sure he had tons of presents to open. The older he got, the more I realized this was crazy and a greed fest! We didn't have the true meaning of Christmas anywhere in our house. Now I was only 21 when I had him, but still - that foundation was missing!

So last night as I went out Christmas shopping for my little people, the 14 year old, the 5 year old and twins that are 3 1/2, with my 19 year old at my side I was thinking - why do we do this? What is the religious meaning behind this? Luckily for my little ones they get the benefit on not having too much!

I would love to hear the feedback from moms, dads and anyone with some thoughts on this.

In the mean time - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Stay healthy - stay focused and find YOUR meaning of your Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cancer Prevention

We all know from a science point of view no one really knows where cancer comes from. By why wouldn't we want to do what we can to prevent it? Why not, if you have it, would you not remove the possibilities of what irritates it out of your life? If cancer is one of the leading diseases that kills children - why not make a change? I think we all stop our kids from running in front of cars! Let's stop them from being exposed to chemicals.

Take a look - interesting information! You can also visit

Great article to read, too.