Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

So the holiday season is now upon us. And I think as parents we want the best for our children. I was shopping yesterday and wondering - how much do we get our children? When is it too much? How does this transcribe to our children? What is the purpose, really, of giving gifts to our children?

When my oldest, who is 19 was little I did everything I could to make sure he had tons of presents to open. The older he got, the more I realized this was crazy and a greed fest! We didn't have the true meaning of Christmas anywhere in our house. Now I was only 21 when I had him, but still - that foundation was missing!

So last night as I went out Christmas shopping for my little people, the 14 year old, the 5 year old and twins that are 3 1/2, with my 19 year old at my side I was thinking - why do we do this? What is the religious meaning behind this? Luckily for my little ones they get the benefit on not having too much!

I would love to hear the feedback from moms, dads and anyone with some thoughts on this.

In the mean time - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Stay healthy - stay focused and find YOUR meaning of your Christmas.

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